Chess Club Manager™ A Teacher's Indispensable Tool!

"You'll love what this does for your chess club!"

Frank Niro, Past Executive Director, U.S. Chess Federation

"I love your program!!! … You make my job so much easier that I am dancing… My assistant coach was ecstatic. He loves the way you can pull all the scores and we get stats on the kids… Let me tell you he is hard to please. So you won him over."

Lillian Zoller, Dayton, Ohio

Chess Club Manager (CCM) makes it easier than ever for teachers to use chess as a powerful educational tool. It’s like having our own assistant coach on duty 24 hours a day.

Chess Club Manager lets you effortlessly...

  • Invite new members via email with one button click
  • Invite Assistant Coaches or appoint students as Club Captains
    • They have access to CCM, while critical data is still protected
    • Delegate management tasks so you have more time to teach!
  • Create & maintain a player roster – no data entry required of you!
  • Organize players by grade & skill levels
  • Track game outcomes & all games played
  • Maintain precise & up-to-the-minute club rating system
  • Award Bonus Points – for anything you choose
  • Print Standard & Custom Award Certificates
  • Track & display player progress through the Chess Workouts™ curriculum
  • Automatically promotes players up Thinking Belts ladder based on learning progress
    • Students earn a Black Belt – in Thinking! – even if they never become highly rated players!
    • Learning rewards motivate more learning – automatically!
  • Automatically email ‘Weekly Workout’ learning assignments
    • Use standard curriculum or customize your own
    • Set your own assignment schedule
    • Customize assignments for skill levels – instantly!

Chess Club Manager is the administrative arm of the Think Like A King® System. Now available online for 24/7 access from anywhere, with no need to install anything on school computers, it is, quite simply, the best management tool ever designed for educators or coaches who want to bring the benefits of chess into schools.

CCM gives you all of the tools you need to accomplish the most important goal of any chess program – turning a great educational activity that elevates the development of thinking skills into a true School Sport.

The arsenal of management and motivational tools built into Chess Club Manager helps you create an environment that motivates and rewards every child to learn good thinking skills. Instead of a small group of chess kids, you’ll be able to build a community-wide activity that even stimulates parents to get involved, and makes THINKING a Varsity Sport.

When you link CCM with the Chess Workouts—the teaching arm of Think Like A King—you have a comprehensive system that promotes and rewards kids for learning effort, and keeps them constantly engaged in learning better critical thinking skills no matter how good they happen to be at competitive chess.

The Chess Workouts Series of interactive tutorials gives you a comprehensive chess curriculum whose unique style will engage everyone to want to learn better thinking. You can use the CWs any way you like, as anything from a supplement for teaching materials you already have to a comprehensive curriculum suitable for any skill level. You can even set the system to automatically email ‘Weekly Workout’ learning assignments, on any schedule you choose. Better still, parents can now see every aspect of their kid’s progress in chess online - and even access the Chess Workouts themselves for FREE, so chess becomes an activity for the whole family!

Think Like A King was built from the ground up to be about much more than merely teaching chess. Our name says it all: it’s not just about training great chess players. It’s about training great thinkers. We help you use chess to transform your school into a learning community.

Use Chess Club Managerand the Chess Workouts to provide a wonderfully structured and organized chess learning system for your entire group. No matter what their skill level, players can learn basic, intermediate and even advanced chess skills, using what has been independently assessed as “the highest quality instructional content of any chess software we have seen.”*

For those who care, the CWs content can take players from novice up to the knowledge level of players rated ~ 1900. But more importantly by far, we help you create an environment that helps any child develop better thinking skills – for school and for life - from chess. And isn’t that what it should be all about?

Of course it is. And that’s why we named it…

Think Like A King!!!

"Think Like A King had the highest quality instructional content of any chess software we have seen. The clarity of the language and the logical progression of the lessons is exceptional.”

Illinois Chess Association Youth Committee, 2010