Chess Professionals Products and Services

The Chess School presents the online version of Think Like A King® School Chess Software System - an award-winning suite of tools used for over 20 years in thousands of schools worldwide. Now you can access all of these great tools online 24/7 – without installing anything on school computers!

Whether you’re a chess business owner, a professional or volunteer chess coach at multiple clubs, an online teacher, or a school district chess administrator, your FREE membership in the Chess School gives you access to a comprehensive suite of powerful yet flexible tools that address everything from club Management to Motivation to Teaching—plus our newest tool that lets you manage multiple clubs across an entire school district or business. For chess businesses, our tools give you powerful new online capabilities that can make your teaching more effective, increase the visibility of your program to parents and principals, grow your business, and enhance your revenue. If you are a school district chess coordinator, we now have a tool that lets you help all your coaches maximize the success and impact of their programs.

Chess Club Manager™ is the best organizational tool ever created for chess programs, and the Chess Workouts™ give you access to a comprehensive, interactive curriculum that can perfectly supplement your own materials—or even be a full course for a scholastic program. Our new Chess System Manager now lets you see in real time how each coach and club is doing in meeting motivational and educational goals.

What Can Chess Professionals Do at The Chess School?

  • Chess Coaches can:
    • Effortlessly run one or more clubs
    • Manage your students online – & get parents involved at the same time!
    • Offer 24/7 access to learning from desktops, tablets or smart phones
    • Use the Chess Workouts to:
      • Instantly implement a comprehensive online curriculum, or
      • Supplement your current curriculum
  • Chess Businesses or School District Administrators can:
    • Add an online curriculum branded under your business or school district logo
      • Supplement your weekly lessons with online learning – automatically
      • More practice yields more learning – and better retention rates
      • Learning explodes AND your program grows!
    • Support a complex regional chess organization across any number of sites
      • Implement and monitor organization-wide goals and standards
      • Compare club and coach performances
      • Automatically track valuable metrics to demonstrate learning impact

Chess Club Manager (CCM)

If you run local clubs, you’ll absolutely love CCM's great management and motivational features. Maintain a precise and up-to-the-minute club rating system, organize players into different grade and/or skill divisions, assemble and maintain all needed demographic data (with zero data entry chores for you!), generate Awards Certificates or Bonus Points, automatically implement a full year’s curriculum tailored to different skill levels AND monitor student progress, and much, much more

Chess Workouts (CWs)

The Chess Workouts are a unique and comprehensive series of interactive tutorials. Each is designed to be a complete interactive chess ‘book’, that combines the best elements of interactive learning with in-depth discussions that make chess learning come alive.

The seven volumes of the CW Series have over two thousand interactive pages, with almost 8000 screens of remarkably engaging and effective teaching content. With material suitable for novices to advanced players, the Workouts can be a great supplement to your own teaching materials – or a comprehensive standalone curriculum for several years’ worth of chess learning.

Chess System Manager (CSM)

Chess System Manager is a completely unique tool for business owners or district administrators that lets you manage any number of chess clubs, groups or classes across an entire region.

Included at no extra cost when you get our System Subscription (at a remarkably low per-member price!), this lets you create as many clubs, groups, classes or camps as you need, whenever you need them.

Each group gets Chess Club Manager, and all members get access to the complete Chess Workouts Series. You can even create private lesson groups under a specific coach, who can create personalized Chess Workout assignments for individual students.

Best of all, Chess System Manager lets Admins view real-time data showing how coaches are using the system to motivate members, and how much learning members are doing. This gives you an entirely new and powerful set of metrics so you can be sure everyone is taking full advantage of an exceptional effective educational system. Use this powerful dataset to demonstrate just how impactful your chess program really is to parents, principals or district program planners.

Three Great Tools – Even Better Combined!!

While students are learning, Chess Club Manager automatically tracks progress through the Chess Workouts. It's a system designed to make sure that everyone—not just kids who happen to be the best chess players—remains fully engaged and rewarded. Everyone earns 'Workout Points' and 'Thinking Belt' promotions for chess learning effort, so everyone stays strongly motivated to improve their critical thinking skills. CCM will even send out 'Weekly Workout Assignments' (automatically targeted to different skill levels) to maintain a year-long schedule of learning, using a standard schedule or one you customize for yourself. And now you have Chess System Manager that lets you compare how each club and coach in your system is doing in achieving maximal learning success.

Chess Clubs:

We have a plan for any club budget. Scholastic club students can subscribe to the Chess Workouts individually, or get a club subscription at big savings. Either way, you'll be able to effortlessly tie great learning to great management tools – and make your chess program more successful than ever before!

Chess Businesses and School Districts:

Contact us to learn how you can incorporate our tools to grow your business – and your revenue! – or make chess an even more effective educational tool throughout your entire district or city.

No matter what kind of chess coach you are, there’s an option just for you...

  1. School District Chess Administrator

    Contact us directly to learn how our remarkably affordable System Subscription lets you implement a comprehensive chess educational and management system across multiple sites that gives you everything you need to be sure that everyone is operating at maximum efficacy. Now you can easily make chess an extraordinarily powerful educational tool in every single one of your schools—while automatically and effortlessly collecting the data to prove to your Superintendent just how impactful chess has been.

  2. Professional Chess Business

    If you run a regional chess teaching business serving multiple schools, The Chess School's tools will help you build an even stronger and more profitable business – and do so entirely under your own brand.

    Contact us directly to learn how our our remarkably affordable System Subscription lets you can build your chess business to even greater heights—and immediately increase your revenues. It's all seamlessly integrated into your own chess program and existing web site, so your customers remain fully connected to your business. You'll be amazed how much this can help even the most successful program!

  3. Chess Professionals/Managers of Chess Clubs

    Subscribe to the full version of Chess Club Manager and use all of its powerful management and motivational features to make running your club easier and more successful than ever before.

    Combine CCM with the Chess Workouts to get a fully interactive scholastic chess curriculum, so your kids benefit from a teaching system designed by David MacEnulty. The real life figure portrayed by Ted Danson in the movie Knights of the South Bronx, David became famous through his work turning at-risk kids in the South Bronx into chess champions, year after year. He is now widely regarded as one of the most successful scholastic coaches in the country.

  4. Chess Professionals Active at Multiple Schools

    If you’re a professional chess coach active at one or many schools, use the great features of Chess Club Manager to help you manage any number of clubs and students. Use its many motivational and reward features to keep every child – even those that are not the most successful competitors - motivated to stay with your program, and keep learning from chess. And best of all, you can even designate club captains to operate the software for you. With zero management chores you get maximum motivational impact!

    Combine Chess Club Manager with the unbeatable learning opportunities of the Chess Workouts and you have a system that connects you to students and parents like never before. Parents can now see exactly how much learning their kids are doing – and be so impressed that your retention rates – and growth from word of mouth – will soar!

    You don’t need to change anything about your current teaching. The Workouts can be the perfect supplement to your existing curriculum materials, used like a music teacher’s sheet music to give kids something to practice on in between your regular lessons. (And we all know that the kids who practice do the best – and are most likely to continue participating in a system that’s been successful for them)! The system can even automatically send Weekly Workouts assignments on any schedule you choose, so you can reinforce whatever you’ve taught that week. Parents are always up-to-date on assignments, and see every step of their child’s progress through the learning system. And all the credit for this highly visible learning goes to you!

  5. Chess Professionals Offering Private Lessons

    Get Chess Club Manager "Lite" version – absolutely FREE!

    The perfect option for coaches doing one-on-one teaching, whether online or in person. You can get FREE access to Chess Club Manager Lite for a full year with your FREE membership in The Chess School!

    Use this FREE Lite version of the simplest and most useful club management tool ever created to invite students and get them registered in your online chess program – all with zero data entry chores for you. Manage and organize your group, stay even more closely connected with your students, and make it easier for parents to appreciate what you are doing on behalf of their kids. It’s a great way to increase retention rates, and attract new students.

    You also have the option of obtaining group subscriptions to the Chess Workouts, or having your kids subscribe individually. When your students subscribe, their parents get free access too – and can see exactly how much their kids are learning and benefitting from your efforts. It’s the best way ever for you to stay closely connected with your customers – and their parents.